The Value of Vitamin D and Calcium in Joint Replacement Operation

If you've had a joint replaced, it's important to have the best results and understand that your prosthetic implantation will serve you as long as possible so you may move freely for many years without experiencing pain. Our Best Ortho Doctor in Ludhiana can assist you with your joint replacement surgery.

What is knee replacement surgery?

Your knee joints are removed and placed with synthetic implants. You can treat osteoarthritis-related knee pain and stiffness. Most patients who undergo this operation have severe knee arthritis, in which the cartilage has been worn off, and the knee's surface has become unbalanced, pitted, and degraded.

Ways to improve vitamin D and calcium level after joint replacement surgery

Nutrition: A healthy diet is essential to rehabilitation. Vitamin C-rich foods are especially beneficial as your new joint recovers. Among the foods that contain vitamin D include salmon and mushrooms.

Time Spent in the Sun: Approximately ninety percent of the vitamin D comes from sunlight. Your vitamin D levels will increase dramatically with just two or three weekly sessions of 5 to 15 minutes of sunshine exposure.

Supplements: It may be challenging to spend time in the sun after having surgery, especially in the summer. You can increase your intake until you can get outside again by taking vitamin D tablets.

In addition to controlling your body's calcium levels, vitamin D reduces inflammation and helps your muscles work properly. You can speed up your recovery from your joint replacement and return to a healthy lifestyle with a diet high in vitamin D and some daily sun exposure. You can visit Kalyan Hospital if you are looking for the Best Ortho Doctor in Ludhiana. We will surely help you with your problems.

How calcium and vitamin D assist

Healthy bones require adequate vitamin D, which helps control the body's calcium levels. As orthopedic surgeons, we observe greater complication rates among patients with low vitamin D levels following joint replacement surgery. Greater joint and muscle pain can also result from low vitamin D levels. Your levels can be raised by taking a vitamin D supplement every day.

For powerful, strong bones, calcium is essential. Lack of calcium can cause bones to weaken and break more readily. A deficiency in calcium in the bones has been related to osteoporosis. Dairy products like milk and cheese and leafy greens like curly kale are common intakes of calcium.

When can I start walking again after a knee replacement?

Within two to three days of surgery, the majority of patients graduate to a straight cane, stroller, or crutches. Walking will get longer and more frequent as the days go on.

Following surgery, patients can typically resume most of their daily routine by or before three weeks and can drive a vehicle within three to six weeks. It can take four months or longer to recover and regain strength and mobility fully. One month after the operation, patients are frequently far more ambulatory than before their joint replacement in many circumstances.


Knee replacement surgery is intended to lessen discomfort and help you resume your favorite activities. However, not all hospitals produce the same outcomes. Some can be trusted more than others. Kalyan Hospital can assist you make sure you're posing the vital inquiries to choose the Best Spine Surgeon in Ludhiana. You can choose the best course of action for your care if you comprehend the data points.